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Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology. A volume in Micro and Nano Technologies. Book • 2nd Edition • Authors: Yi Qin. Browse book content.
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Exploring the many processes available, this program — which is also part of the Medical Manufacturing Innovations series of events — brings together industry professionals to discuss the latest developments and to improve your process today. We will identify key aspects of process, feature size and type, and also work holding for production parts. Specific examples will be portrayed, ranging from hole sizes of 30um to custom angled features.

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Curved Water Jet Guided Laser Manufacturing Yi Shi, Northwestern University Read More A hybrid technology, water jet guided laser process, was introduced in to take advantages from both water jet and laser manufacturing processes. It has already been applied in many high precision micro-manufacturing applications. Water jet trajectory control by dielectrophoresis is proposed to increase the controllability and accuracy of this hybrid technique and the potential applications.

Read More The process of pulsed laser polishing and surface structuring via remelting will be presented. There will be a discussion of how the process parameters can be manipulated to control surface-tension driven flows, to eliminate or create surface features. A predictive model will be presented as well as how the process can be applied to various length-scales. Vibration-Assisted Surface Texturing Kornel Ehmann, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University Read More Micro-textured surfaces are playing an ever-increasing role since they define the ultimate performance of many industrial components and products.

In this presentation, a two-degrees-of-freedom piezo-actuator driven tertiary motion generator, controlling the trajectory of the tool-tip, and its applications for surface texture generation on cylindrical and flat surfaces will be introduced. Examples of tribology applications will also be given. We will introduce small hole metrology of less than 50 um diameter including hole straightness and a high entry angle, with resolution of less than 25nm. The focus will be on process, acquired data and system application. This presentation focuses on case studies showing the extremely fast and accurate method for directly comparing perfect solid CAD models to actual polymer parts.

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Challenges often arise when designing for micro molding that can present unforeseen road blocks. Questions like — What is micro molding? How is it different from standard molding?

Or, what do I need to know to be successful at molding a micro plastic part? Design for Micro Molding will explore the answers to these and other pertinent questions. Other topics include: design guidelines, understanding the prototyping challenges, and the material selection process for micro molding. By improving both the quality and type of microproducts that can be manufactured, NANOMICRO technology is expected to expand existing markets and open the door to new ones.

This will have major impact on enhancing the competitiveness of the EU in a large and growing global market. Nano-micromanufacturing, microproducts, nano-structured materials, micromanufacturing, heat fluxes, multi-material, laser, sintering, microwave, online monitoring, 3D components. Humanoids may soon conquer airplane assembly.

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Electron beam melting technology takes to the air. Revolutionary digital glazing technology brings new shine to ceramic tile production.

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Results Packs. About us. Fact Sheet. Result in Brief. Objective The new high productive platform for 3D main objective of NANOMICRO project is to provide the manufacturing industry with an entirely nanomicromanufacturing platform, by way of a new micron scale resolution and an innovative direct parallel-deposition process. This will allow to control spatial resolution within the same limit and building up parts with such extreme control of the fully dense bulk materials.

NANOMICRO project fully responds to the call topic extending the microfabrication process capabilities by encompassing a wider range of innovative materials and geometric shapes, satisfying functional and technical requirements, allowing the emerging of new microproducts in many technological fields. Field of Science productivity. Topic s NMP Activity type Higher or Secondary Education Establishments.

Exaddon µ3Dprinting - Printing of a helix structure - additive micromanufacturing of metals

Website Contact the organisation. Manudirect s. Datalogic Automation srl Italy. Project website. Status Closed project.